" Roll'in on Down the Highway "

June 2001 with the Max at Tucson's Southwestern Internation Raceway. LET'S GET IT ON!

May 2003 with the Max at Phoenix's Firebird Raceway. A little too much air on the launch!

Doing a little wheelie back in 1965 on a Triumph Bonneville I borrowed from a buddy of mine in the Navy. We were both a little crazy so I'm sure he didn't mind me hot dogging some.

1968 - Winning the wheelie contest out at Eastside TT track in Tucson, Arizona on my 67' Bonneville TT Special. H3>

1968 - TT racing, my favorite sport back when I didn't mind going down hard once in a while.

Most guys in the Navy had beautiful women for pin-ups, but I kept a picture of Triumph's new Competition 650 and 3 months after I got discharged I owned a brand new burgandy and gold Bonneville TT Special!!

The Bonneville TT Special is in my opinion one of the prettiest classic motorcycles of all time.

Back in 83' I hooked up with a guy that liked to build and race V-8 powered drag bikes. Since he almost lost a leg when the chain came off his cobra powered bike, he was looking for someone to pilot his latest insane creation and it sounded like fun to me. We did some exibition runs at the Nationals in Las Vegas with this aluminum small block V-8. Ran 160 in the mid 9's, but with only one gear we basically burned half way down the strip and keeping the front end in front of the rear end was the trick.

Which brings me back to the present and my Yamaha Vmax. Honestly this bike brings back the excitement of my old Triumph TT Special days. I've owned several bikes since then and most of them have had more horsepower and were faster than the triumph, but none were as much fun - until now. I bought my Vmax from Mark Thomasson who I am most greatful to for spending tons of his hard earned cash building this 143 HP monster that is a blast to ride. Mark has moved on up to a new 175+ HP Hayabusa and I'm happy for him, but even more happy for me, because now I own the Vmax!

The Busa and the Vmax. The King of Speed and the King of Raw Street Power!

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